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Marketing Behaviors

M – Managing your temper

A – Attract the Customer

R – Rate your Customer

K- Know about product /service

E- Enhance your Talking Skills

T – Target the right customer

I – Involve yourself in the product

N – Nesting the customer

G- Garland the customer

Manage the Temper – It so happens that after travelling a long distance to meet a customer and after being with the customer for a good no of hours explaining in detail about the product or service he/she may say that they need to think about it, or they make come up with multiple reasons. This is the time your temper need to be cool. Cooler your temper more the chance of making the customer’s temperature normal so that we understand what is the way to attract the customer.

Attract the Customer- Small creatures are the best examples for us to understand what is attraction. Its always good to be unique wherein the strategies you use will end up attracting the customer. Make use of ways to have the customer to show interest in your products, create a need of your product for the customer. When you create a need start rating the customer.

Rate your Customer – We ideally can’t rate a customer, its just a marketing behavior which we use to categorize the customer. The 3 ratings or behaviors are as below:

a) Listening: The customers here just listen and grab the information.

b) Convincing : The customer here listens keenly and understands some points and starts asking more questions about the product.

c) Promising: The Customer here would listen keenly, as for the quotation and also for the next meeting.

To take the customer from Listening to Promising you need to know about the product /service in detail.

Know about your Product/Service : Its always important to know about the product or service we do business with. The more the information easier to convert the customer in buying the product. Its always important to know full details about our product or service as that gives the confidence in doing a sale. Thorough knowledge on the product/ service will give us the confidence to enhance our talking skills.

Enhance you talking Skills: Being in the field of marketing the talking skills are very important. Our talking skills shows what we are.We need to keep in mind the kind of customer and talk accordingly as not all customers would be the same. Perfect talking skills will lead to targeting the right customer.

Target the right Customer: Its always important to know about what you sell. Targeting the right customer will have more convertion ratio and the chances of getting a sale. When targetted to a right customer the time spent is valued as the customer would show more interest in listening and would turn to a promising customer so that you involve more in the product.

Involve yourself in the product : The only time you involve more in the product is when you yourself use it. When used by us that is when we will get to know about the product in depth. Knowing indetail about the product will have an advantage to convince the customer. By explaining the benefits you need to make the customer get into to the nesting phase.

Nesting of the Customer: Nesting as such means having the customer in a comfort zone, by making the customer understand the benefits of the product there by once he gets the full details and purpose of buying that is when the customer is in the nesting phase. The explanation given to customer should make him think of buying the product immediately. Once the customer decides on buying you need to garland the customer.

Garland the Customer: Garlanding the customer here is not the literal meaning to say that we buy flowers for the customer. With respect to this context its about appreciating the customer for deciding to buy the product . You thank him for listening to you about the product and the same way he deciding on buying the product.

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