About Us

Blizz Mindz started on a blizzful day when two people friendly collegues got in an idea of using their passion to people networking and immediately set a platform to market the unmarketable products and services to the most challenging buyer. This set a start to join hands and start a firm to make all ideas unearthed by the two minds and called it as BLIZZ MINDZ to make all the people get blazed watching the way the products are marketed to reach the end user. We make the impossible possible by having implementing innovative ideas to have your products on the top of the shelf.

Our History

The sally started when a challenge or urge to have all the businesses occupy the top position to portray their ignited minds at one go.

Men Behind

Priesh Kumar (Chief Unimark Officer) – Is an entreupenuer personality who has his foot stepped in a wide spread marketing techniques over a decade and has MRKT as his blood group. An MBA graduate with more than decade experience in marketing, branding and business consulting, working with top multinationals decided to have a company of his own and help his peers and make a difference in the dreams of all businessmen. You name the product or service he has a solution to have it reached the consumer.

Kishan M (Chief Ideation Officer) – An enterprising personality who started the career working with multinational companies for more than a decade+ to have a great exposure in Domestic and International Market, traveled across countries and wanted to implement the expertise and skills and start a company of his own to have all the expertise and skills implemented to make a difference in the way marketing is dealt in business. He is a person who would think of people and well being before thinking of himself. He is ready to share his knowledge to all those who would want to make a mark in their business on the world map.

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