What is BlizzMindz

A dynamic Organization where the team of experts breathe only marketing, thereby becoming one of the masters in designing and building the future of companies who wish to have their business on top of the global shelf by organizing international events, exhibitions and conferences across globe.

The traditional method of direct sales is the key which we always amalgamate with unique trend of one stop solution for all business wagons. Thereby having the plethora on a single platform

The distinctive thinking of having different categories under one assemblage awakened the minds when we saw the migration of human species to different places, but still behold the essence of motherly place which would add a sense of trust and end up in a win win situation.

All these started on a blizzful day when two people friendly collegues got in an idea of using their passion to people networking and immediately set a platform to market the unmarketable products and services to the most challenging buyer. This set a start to join hands and start a firm to make all ideas unearthed by the two minds and called it as BLIZZ MINDZ to make all the people get blazed watching the way the products are marketed to reach the end user. We make the impossible possible by having implementing innovative ideas to have your products on the top of the shelf.

Why should your startup choose BlizzMindz ?

We take marketing challenges as our daily diet. We can sell sand to desert, trees to forest, water to sea. Our minds sown with seeds not fed with fruits, shown the destination and not the way, shown a thread and not a garment. In a nutshell you show we sell, you manufacture we make it use, you sow a seed we make will have it come to plate.


"I was an IT Professional with around 20 Years of Corporate Expertise, but had a lot of passion towards Interior Designing, BlizzMindz are the people who gave me the confidence to convert my passion into business and there is no look back since last 2 years"
InDesign Dynamix
"I had kept a target of 100 machines installations per month till I started getting marketing support from BlizzMindz. Now I have a challenge of recruiting more executives for the installation since the sales has Trippled after signing in as Marketing Partner with BlizzMindz."
" I am a Freelance Soft Skill Trainer very strong in training delivery,But have a challenge in Marketing my skills. Just happened to meet Kishan from BlizzMindz through a common friend and now I travel atleast 15-20 days across INDIA for training sessions at various colleges."


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